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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  December 1, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning. welcome to 9 news now. today is wednesday, december 1st. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike mike hydeck. howard has a busy morning in weather. >> the bad weather rolling in right now. severe thunderstorm warnings, a tornado watch in affect. and new warnings as we speak. we will break it down for you. we have rain and storms this morning. midday things will get better. by this afternoon clearing. look at temperatures going in the wrong direction, 65 right now. this maybe the warmest temperature we see all month. it is december after all. in the 40s by 5:00. take a jacket, even though it is warm right now. tornado watch, new warnings issued for washington, allegheny counties, and we have warnings to the south and west around the culpeper area, west of fredericksburg until 5:00 a.m. and the tornado watch for everybody until 10:00 a.m. these storms are moving northeast 50 to 60 miles an hour. a lot of yellow, orange and red to the west and it is moving
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toward the washington baltimore corridor. we'll be dealing with this over the next qume of hours. perfect timing -- maybe terrible timing, in you will for the rush hour. go to live doppler 9000 hd and show you what is going on here. an area of moderate to heavy rain north and west of washington. light to moderate showers in the district. the area by culpeper, this is the area we are watching with a lot of concern. winchester to leesburg a lot of rain. that will mess things up. route 7, the toll road, greenway. route 50 dealing with a lot of rain coming in to washington in the next little while. to culpeper, we are watching severe thunderstorms. those severe thunderstorms and doppler is moving right now. severe thunderstorms moving northeast at 50 to 60 miles an hour. watch out amissville, 5:22. warrenton 20 minutes as these things are booking to the northeast. 50 to 60 with gusts up to 60 miles an hour. i will be back in seven minutes
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with an update. here's monica with time saver traffic. >> keeping an eye on the roads for you. but right now the traffic is moving well. we will look at the district where police have been dealing with an accident closing westbound east capitol street between southern avenue and 56th place. look at the north side of town in maryland where all lanes are open on the beltway from 95 to georgia avenue and a look at the south side of town. the beltway, both directions, basically between 95 and the american legion bridge, traffic is moving at speed. i have a feeling that people will have an early start this morning. watch for volumes early on. take a look inside the beltway, 395, north of duke street to the 14th street bridge, traffic is moving well. wet road conditions and south of that on 95 northbound between lorton and springfield. you are going to find lanes open on to 395. coming up in the next report, we will look at westbound route
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50. our time now is coming up on 4:33. here's a look at what happened while you slept. unemployment benefits have expired for hundreds of thousands of americans. they had a chance to extend the benefits on tuesday and republicans blocked the effort. if the measure is not renewed by the lame duck congress, 2 million americans will lose unemployment insurance by the end of the year. a bomb scare at louisville patient was exactly that, a scare. last night a bomb-sniffing dog alerted officers to a pallet at a remote facility. the facility was evacuated and one runway was closed. explosive experts x-rayed several packages but nothing was found. the threat of flooding in the district led the department of public works to hand out sandbags. >> you can pick up as many as four sandbags at new jersey avenue and k street southeast starting at 7:00 this morning until noon. sandbags were also passed out
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last night. the pentagon released its study on don't ask don't tell on tuesday. it says overturning the ban on face openly serving in the military would not create widespread or long-lasting problems. >> president obama released a statement reaffirming his pledge to repeal don't ask don't tell saying it weakens our national security. with bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year, lawmakers from both parties are meeting today as they search for common ground. the president wants to extend cuts for americans making less than $200,000 a year and republicans want the cuts extended for everyone. a big change in a rape case in dunn bar high school where six students were accused of attacking a girl recently. >> peter nichols dropped the case against all the students charged. >> reporter: police conducted a two hour safety briefing with staff today as part of an increased security focus at the school after a 15-year-old claimed last week that six
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students had sexually assaulted her in an unused portion of the building. after charging documents were made public the school sent a letter home to parents. six students were charged with rape. but tuesday evening, peter nichols confirmed to 9 news now that those charges are being dropped. he offered no explanation. dc police also said no comment. >> you had young minutes whose lives were in the bounds. a young lady who had some serious charges leveled against them. so i think the public trust and public comfort the attorney general has an obligation to report what he can report to give as much clarity around the issue to the public. >> reporter: harry thomas junior on attorney general nichols. >> he has to be clear as to what the grounds were for bringing charges and not bringing charges against anyone. >> reporter: did dc police act
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too quickly in this case? >> i think that's why the attorney general must shed light on this. we have a school community that has great unrest. >> reporter: neither peter nichols or the pd commented on the case. dc public schools released a statement saying it is committed to protecting students and the presence or absence of criminal charges does not end this focus. we know the name of a girl found in a trash dumpster. she is 18-year-old ebony franklin. she had been reported missing in prince georges county over the weekend. police found her body in an alley in northwest. investigators can't say if she was killed in the alley or somewhere else and her body was dumped there. they will say how far she had been stabbed several times. investigators are still trying to figure out why a woman killed her 2-year-old grand daughter. 50-year-old carmella is charged with murder in the death
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ofening a lynn. her grand daughter and other members of a family went on a shopping trip to tysons corner. as the family walked from the mall to the parking garage she threw the girl to the roadway some 50 feet below. a preliminary hearing in the case has been set for january 4th averment we know that guns are not permitted on planes but there are different rules when it comes to commuter trains. when is the last time you received a cost of living increase in your paycheck? it is happening today for several workers in the commonwealth.
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welcome back. 4:40 this morning. we have a flood watch and a wind advisory and a tornado watch in affect at this hour. severe thunderstorm warnings to the south and west of us. right on top of culpeper, just about here. west of warrenton. the storm is moving at 50 miles an hour. as far as the day planner today we have showers and warm weather. the thunderstorms and winds this morning. 59 by 9:00. noon 53. the sun this afternoon and in the 40s later on by the drive home. here's monica with the time saver traffic. >> we will look at the east side of town flying over westbound 50 in from bowie to the beltway and beyond the beltway to cheverly. lanes are open. same story on new york avenue
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and heading to the district. next time around at 44:88. i will update you on the accident on east capitol street. it is time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica is here with a look at the headlines. >> reporter: good morning. wall street has a full slate of economic data on the first day of the month. happen happy december to both of you guys. manufacturing spending and a fed report and traders will continue to about sob comments that ben bernanke said the economy isn't growing enough yet to put a significant dent in joblessness. a big public unveiling today for the deficit commission. portions of the plan released would curb future increases in social security benefits and
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raise retirement age. it would eliminate a huge assortment of tax breaks like tax deductions for mortgage interest and almost double the tax on a gallon of gas with a 15 cents a gallon increase. it will take approval of 14 of the 18 members to send a possible vote to congress and looks like it may not have enough votes for that. more signs of recovery for the auto industry. chrysler plans to hire 1,000 engineers and researchers gm plans to do the same thing over the next two years. this is a sign of a turn around after being in bankruptcy last year. gm is making money and chrysler narrowed the losses. the state employees aren't supposed to get too excited about a boost in their paycheck. 117,000 workers will receive a 3% bonus today, december 1st. it is their first pay hike in three years but mcdonnell says that is it.
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state workers will not receive a raise anytime soon. but at least it's nice to have an extra bit in the paycheck before the holidays. >> perfect timing. the christmas holiday season is now officially here. >> and some important information that could keep you, and your car, safe when it comes to deer mating season. i have inside information on that when we come back.
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good morning. here's the weather first from howard. >> rebooting the weather computer. start with radar. all sorts of activity going on. tarp watch until 10:00 right now. and there's a lot of weather to talk about. we have severe thunderstorm warnings as well off to our west and our southwest. it's the ones near culpeper right now and warrenton that
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have us most concerned. we will zoom in on live doppler 9000 hd and hope the weather computer comes up in a moment otherwise we will do all radar. temperatures in the 80s this morning and seeing action to the west, as i said. culpeper county, you see it there west of warrenton, the light to moderate showers are on the west side north of the metro. east and south of town, things are quiet there. through culpeper a lot of red is showing up. the storms are moving 50 to 60 miles an hour. culpeper, amissville to warrenton. this is what we are looking at with a threat of strong gusty winds. the tornado watch, as i said, is in affect until 10:00 this morning along with a coastal flood advisory, a flood watch and wind advisory for general winds which have been gusting in the 40-mile an hour category, even without the storm. one area we are seeing severe weather is in western maryland. we have all the computers up
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and going now. martinsburg, this line is moving up 81, pass west of hagerstown. watch for this. elsewhere frederick to leesburg over to charlestown and harpers ferry a lot of heavy rainfall falling at this moment and all with this storm system which will bring major changes over the next 12 hours. go to the weather computer, now that it is up and working, here's the tornado watch. it is in affect until 10:00 this morning. warnings from the south and west and fredericksburg and lake anna and the storm is moving north and east at 50 miles an hour. faulkier county, prince william, even in to loudoun and fairfax n the next 30 to 45 minutes this is how quickly it will get toward you. we will put it in motion. you can see this stuff is racing north and east. we have had a knew tornado warnings and in a situation like this you are likely to get strong wind gusts and quick spinup of a short tornado or a
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gustnado. imagine an eddie how it spins quickly. you get a situation like that. a tornado watch until 10:00. the colder air in ohio and west virginia the precip is turning over to snow. while it is in the 60sthis morning it will be in the 80s this evening and 30s, even 20s by tomorrow morning. the bus stop forecast, wind rain and thunderstorms. 50s and 60s. the day planner has the warmth with the rain. winds south to west. 60 at 9:00. low 50s with a northwest wind at noon. by 5:00 p.m. in the 80s. if you are going out, take the jackets you will need them. frederick, lees bug 63. 66 fredericksburg in the 40s in oakland an shenandoah valley talking 60s. this is a wind advisory. most areas here sustained winds
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20 to 30 and gusts to 50 miles an hour and right now we have gusts 37 in washington. this doesn't include the storm and 36 at andrews. keep that in mind. we will look at the seven-day forecast. the temperatures very mild this morning. they will be falling. mid-40s tomorrow, low 40s on friday. look at the trend. it is going to get cold. welcome to december. meteorological winter has begun. monday and tuesday, flurry and mountain snows and highs in the mid to upper 30s. here's monica with time saver traffic. welcome in december. we will keep you posted on the road conditions this morning and we will start with an accident in the district where westbound east capitol street has been shut down between southern avenue and 56th place with an accident. we will keep you posted on that and in germantown there is a pole is down and crews are on the scene.
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on 270 lanes are open with wet road conditions heading south from clarksburg to the point where the lanes divide. over to virginia, west of town, eastbound 66 a live look at manassas. this is what it looks like to the beltway and inside the beltway to rosslyn and if you are traveling on inbound new york avenue at bladensburg road, a good indication of dc roads at the moment. coming up at 5:00 a.m., an update on the accident in southeast dc. back to you. we will see you then. in a couple of weeks, passengers will be able to carry unloaded guns aboard some amtrak trains. >> the guns will have to be packed in hard-sided containers and stored in lockers aboard the trains and gun owners will have to give amtrak 24 hour &. >> gun rights advocates got congress to reverse the ban. >> the policy takes effect on december 15th. like said before, i have some information on the next story. a deer in the roadway is one of the most dangerous driving
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hazards of the year. hit one last week. >> his car not so bad. not so good either. >> scott broom has put together the most dramatic videos out there and has tips to survive. >> reporter: the only predictable thing about deer near roads is they are unpredictable. youtube provides some of the most dramatic examples, deer flying over the windshield of a police car and bolting across highways and leaping over a motorcycle and here's one from near baltimore, a big buck refusing to get out of the road, engaging with a standoff with a volunteer firefighter and leaping on his car before finally running away. >> $6,000 worth of damage. >> reporter: that is the auto body man and this is the volkswagen brought to his stop this week. a driver who swerved instead of hitting the deer. >> deer jumped out in front of him and instinct is to turn the wheel so he hit a 100-year-old
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oak tree. >> they feed on then edges of forest. >> reporter: this natural resource manager keeps track of collisions in one of the most deer infested counties. >> the chances a deer will be able to get out of the way are better than you can steer around the deer somehow. >> reporter: when it comes to defensive driving and deer, do not swerve if you think a collision is coming. releasing a brake at the moment of impact reduces the chance a deer will come through the wind shield and if you hit one stay away from it to avoid getting injured. in montgomery county they have 1900 deer car collisions every year. that's less than it used to be. in part because they are encouraging hundreders to take as many deer as they can. -- hunters to take as many deer as they can. >> the deer are mating and not paying attention to other dangers so this is a dangerous time of the year.
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you were safe in the car but i bet it was a shock. >> i know there have been more serious injury and things but there was a situation where a deer went through the windshield. but the car is operable and fine but it could have been worse. the holiday party is apparently coming back. many companies are keeping the festivities low key but they are coming back. 68% of employers are million planning a holiday party. three quarters will keep spending in line with last year. the founder of wikileaks has been on the radar of several governments and now an warn has been issued for his arrest. -- a warrant has been issued for his arrest. before we head to break it is time for our question of the morning. >> a survey suggests that one thing is the cause of most of
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the arguments in 50% of relationships. what could it be? money, sex or lack of sleep? put your answer on our facebook page and we will reveal it in a little while.
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severe weather this morning. we have showers and storms this morning. it will be warm. in the 60s. 59 by 9:00. by phi p.m. with a little sunshine and this afternoon temperatures will fall to the 40s. i will see you at the top of the hour with the latest warnings. here's mike and andrea. >> thank you, howard. one of the sure signs the holiday season is officially underway is in place now in new york city. >> last night the tree at rockefeller center was lit. the norwood a spruce was adorned with 30,000 led lights. at the top a star made up of 25,000 crystals. the tree will be on display until january 27th. >> who wouldn't want a new ipad this holiday season? wusa 9 is giving one away. that's right. free. just become a fan on our facebook page and click on sweep steaks to enter.
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you have until december 16th to be part of the possibility you may get one. we will announce a winner on december 20th on 9 news now at 11:00. that's fun music. a controversial piece of art is no longer on display at a gallery. >> it is the four-minute video made by an artist dying of aids. it's part of the exhibit. it's been on display since october 30th but recently gained attention from religious groups. some say the image of a crucifix, crawling with ants is offensive. the director says the video was removed on tuesday afternoon. >> we didn't undertake this exhibition to shock people. >> reporter: others say the exhibit, as a whole, is offensive because it deals with sexual orientation. >> i don't want to see it. and if you want to be homosexual, keep it secret.
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>> reporter: the cato institute says there is another issue, taxpayers help to fund the gallery. >> we really ought to separate and get the government out of putting on art exhibits. we should privatize art museums we with wouldn't have these political conflict restaurant not everyone saw it as controversial. this man says he is gay and a fan of the late artist. >> i would love if more of my tax money would go to things like this, especially in dc. >> reporter: sullivan says the film had to be removed because its controversy was distracting from the rest of the exhibit. at the national portrait gallery, lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> the exhibit will be on display through february. portions of the film can be found on youtube. the gangs all here and happy to say good morning. >> thank you for watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. >> monica


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